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Affordable hot water heating

Solar thermal systems have quickly become one of most affordable and most effective solutions for water heating. Installing a thermal heating system is an investment that will pay for itself by reducing your energy bills. Thermal systems also remove nearly 24,000 pounds of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere during their lifetime. Our company offers expert installations and the best equipment available including: Viessmann Solar, Apricus Collectors, Resol Controllers, Superstore Storage Tanks and more. We can give you a system that fits your needs and your budget.

We offer installations for

• Solar space heating  

• Solar thermal systems  

• Solar electric  

• Small wind energy

Solar panels

Solar electric power is quickly gaining popularity due to recent design and engineering breakthroughs which have made the units more efficient and affordable. Solar panels can quickly decrease your cost of living, and solar panel installation is very affordable. These panels are perfect for remote, off-grid areas with no electricity, and can reduce the electric bills of homes on traditional grid-tied systems. You can choose to have a panel installed in a range of 300 to 400 square feet of collectors to even entire roof panes.

Having a green energy system will not only reduce your electric bills it will also protect the environment and from now until September you can get a FREE kindle with your installation.


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Harness the elements

If you live in a windy area and are looking to save money on your bills consider wind energy. Wind electric power is recommended for properties that can have a large tower, approximately 42 feet, installed on them.


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Affordable Solar Electric Systems

We install 100% ownership systems. The customer will recieve all of the financial benefits, credits, and rebates. They have an engineered design that last 30 years.

Go Green is a turn key contractor that provides all documents and does all they say they will at the time of the sale.

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